Mail-In Voter Information

1.      Vote by Mail and Absentee Ballots are synonymous.


2.      Vote by Mail Online Request Form: 

3.      Even if you request a vote by mail, you can either drop it off at any early vote location or vote in person.

4.      DO NOT mail your ballot during the last week of the election. It may not get there. Have somebody drop it off for you. Call a Field organizer. Use Fedex if necessary.

5.      Check the status of your ballot here: 

6.      You can only request a Vote by Mail ballot for an immediate family member, but anybody can drop off your ballot.

7.      You can pick up a Vote by Mail Ballot on behalf of a voter if you fill this affidavit:



8.    Last day to request Vote by Mail: October 24th

9.      If there is an emergency, a Vote By Mail ballot can be requested on Election Day.

10.    Vote by Mail Ballots will be sent out starting September 24.

11.  Vote by Mail ballots MUST BE RECEIVED by the SOE by 7pm on November 3rd. 

12.    Please make sure to sign the envelope. Place only one ballot inside the envelope.